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Source of my Problems.

“One of the troubles is this: the heart isn’t heart-shaped.”

—Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

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To Propel You Through Expression

…something that I sought to adapt as a singer, was this idea that you can find empathy with and embody the gestures of things beyond the human form- other aspects of the world like the flight of a flock of flamingos or the heartbeat of a salmon or the energetic movement inside a tree and its relationship to the wind or the ghosts of your great great great grandparents- that you could reach toward all those things in your creative mind as a source of inspiration and as a source of momentum to propel you through expression, and it opens up the floor to really, as a performing artist especially, to find energy from all sorts of different things as opposed to just having to just rely on and to mine your own personal story- your pedestrian story.

– Antony Hegarty on how the work of Kazou Ohno, one of the pioneers of butoh dance, has inspired his own work as a performer.

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Emerging from the Portal (2 Pemas & a Unicorn named Keith Maniac)


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Quote o’ the Day

I just stood around and waited for something to happen.

– Richie, 5 minutes ago.

The Day the Music Died

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